My Friends Daughter

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My Friends Daughter

Note : 100% fiction!

This is Naresh here. I live in Manali with my family. Our family business is hotels and resorts. We have resorts and scattered over Manali, Shimla, Katra, Jammu and Srinagar. The house we live in is adjacent to the resort we own in Manali. We are quite famous in the place and throw parties often to keep the place lively. My wife has got many friends due to such gatherings, but I have just two close and best friends. One of them is Lokesh and the other is Surjeet. I have two boys who help me handle the resorts and hotels in Shimla, Katra, Jammu and Srinagar, while I live and manage the Manali resort.

I may sound old to you, but I am not as old as you think. I am 42 of age and am 5?9? tall, I have a fit body, a handsome face and most of all a 10? cock.

Well, Surjeet is a Punjabi guy and has a /sweet/">sweet plump wife and a hottie /daughter/">daughter by the name of Simran. I have gifted my friends a permanent membership to my resort, so their families can enjoy the facilities like swimming pool, spa, gym, etc. any time they wanted to. Simran attained the age of 18 last month, but she looks like a girl 22 years old. A fully developed pair of tits, a hot figure, long legs, a fair complexion, deep blue eyes, black hair curling towards the end on her waist. She is about 5?6? tall. She was a fanatic about her looks and gave her skin and hair constant attention. I had caught her looking in the mirrors on some occasions when she had visited our house for the parties. I used to think that whoever got to marry the girl would be very lucky indeed to make love to that body, and this used to give me an /erection/">erection. Many a times I had schemed to arrange it so that I could get a glimpse of her naked body or if I went better I could get and access to her (;-), you know what I mean). She likes to talk to me a lot whenever I am around and I often tease her to exasperation that she sometimes lets the handle fly and mischievously comes to pull my cheeks in reprimand to my teasing of her. I like it in those times because her softness is felt very much close to me as I grab her by her waist as if to prevent her from falling. Her parents and herself fully approve of my play, unbeknownst of my intentions towards Simran. I call her Simmy.

That day she had come to the resort for some swimming as she had a day off from her college. She had changed into a wine red two piece swim suit. It made her look hotter than ever. I was making rounds of the resort. It was a hot day and I had on a cream colored denim short and white printed half sleeve shirt. She was lying on a lounger by the pool and the sun rays reflecting from her body made her look sexy and heavenly. I came close to her and eyeing her hot body said, ?hello Simmy! How are you today?? she opened her eyes and smiled back at me and said, ?hey Naresh uncle! I am fine!! And how are you?? I replied, ?good. Enjoying the pool?? she said, ?yes, the water?s nice today.? I held out my hand and said, ?why don?t you step into my cabin and we can enjoy a drink.? She got out of the lounger with the help of my hand and said, ?ok!? She followed me to my cabin. I opened the door and waited for her to get in. I stepped in after her, gently closing and surreptitiously locking it up after me. I made her sit on the settee beside the large window. I had installed a special glass which allowed me to have a view of the outside, but nobody could peep inside. She looked like an angel and sexier than before, her figure seemed to get an aura with the sun shining behind her. I opened up the concealed fridge in my cabin and asked her, ?what would you like, Simmy? Orange juice, Cola or iced tea? Or would you like to have a chilled can of beer?? she came back, ?Orange juice would be fine.? I took a can of orange juice for her and a cola for her. I opened them both and handed her the can of juice. She took a sip, looking at me. While I drew a chair close to her and sat sipping my drink.

I said, ?Simmy! You know you have grown up to be a beautiful lady!? she blushed and grinned back at me. I was eyeing her hot body and my eyes kept coming back to her breasts. She was conscious of my gaze. I said, ?has anybody ever told you that you that you have a /hot/hot-sexy/hot-and-sexy/">hot and sexy body?? she blushed again and said, ?some..? I ventured again, ?do you have any boyfriends?? she said, ?no..? I was expectant now. I said, ?has anyone ever made love to you?? she was taken aback and as she could not think of anything else, she replied, ?no..? I asked her again, ?so you are a virgin!? she was completely off balance and said, ?yes? but what does that have to do with you?? I said point blank, ?Simmy! Would you like to see what effect your body has on a man?? she said, ?sure why not?? I stood up and showed her the bulge on my shorts. Her eyes widened. I asked again, ?have you ever seen a fully erect manhood?? she replied, ?No..? I said, ?would you like to see one?? she said, ?ummmm! Yes..? I undid my shorts and out came the erect dick. She looked at it wide eyed, and asked me, ?can I touch it?? I said, ?yeah baby! That?s what I brought it in your view.? She took my dick in her hand, I could see she was turned on by the sight of it as her nipples were trying to rip out from her top piece of the swim suit. I showed her how to stroke it. She did so. She said, ?it?s huge and hard. God! You have an enormous one.? I said, ?hmmm! You like it?? she exclaimed, ?like it!? I love it. Mind if I kiss it?? I said, ?not at all, sweetheart!? she pulled the foreskin on my dick and placed a kiss on my dick. Her lips felt hot, I pushed my dick a bit and the head easily went inside her mouth. She looked up enquiringly, I nodded and she sucked on the head, her tongue touching it all the time. I said, ?Ahhhh! This is so nice!? I pushed my dick more inside her /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth, she was indian santali xvideo surprised but kept on with her sucking of my dick. I liked the feeling a lot, her mouth was hot and had a vacuum effect that seemed to pull my dick more and more inside. I came inside her mouth without any warning. She tried to pull back, but I held her head in position and she had to gulp down the load of cum I blew in her mouth and sucked my cock dry.

I pulled out from her mouth and gave her a tissue. She wiped her lips and sat back relaxed against the arm of the settee. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. I took off the shirt too and said, ?Simmy! Since you have been so nice to your uncle, I am going to be nice to you too.? I knelt beside the settee and kissed her toes. Then I kissed her smooth legs, my hands lightly massaging her thighs. She was giving out silent gasps of excitement. I touched the bottom of her garment where the lips of her cunt were clinging. The area felt wet. I pushed my nose close to her cunt and smelled her. She had a musk scent. I kissed the silken material. She moaned lightly. I pulled it down and inserted my tongue in her clit. She opened her mouth in an erotic ?O?, clearly enjoying herself. I tickled her tummy and her belly button. ?Oh! This feels great!? She ejaculated. I kissed her belly button and her obliques. I kissed her seductive cleavage, she shivered in delight and I buried my mouth inside her cleavage and kissed it again. She grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up to her mouth. We had a long passionate kiss. My tongue explored her hot mouth and I lightly bit her lips. She had closed her eyes and I was on top of her now, her arms around me in an embrace and her left leg locking against my waist. I slid off her top piece while kissing. My dick was nearly exploding as it was continuously rubbing against the hot lips of her dripping /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt.
We were completely naked now, and in the same position. I kissed her bare neck as she ground her /cute/">cute naked pussy against my monster dick. She was in a slutty heat now and wanted to be fucked badly. I deferred entering her yet. I kissed her erect nipples, bit them, licked them and sucked them. I crushed her soft delicious breasts under my face, lightly biting them. I squeezed and fondled them. She begged me, ?please uncle! Take my virginity, I can?t wait a moment longer. I want you inside me. I want a fuck badly.? I required no further bidding and nodded my agreement. She guided my dick to her cunt and pushed it enough to part the dripping lips of her pussy. I gently pushed in and her tissue of virginity dematerialized under the pressure of my dick. She moaned in pleasure and pain. I waited for a moment to let her body soak in the pleasure. Our bodies were hot, beads of perspiration clinging to our bodies. I buried myself again in her boobs and started stroking her pussy with my dick. Slowly I started off to vigorous and stronger thrusts. She was struggling under me with pain of my /dick/hot-dick/">hot dick exploring her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy deeply. It was as if I was digging a hole in a hard ice cream with the spoon making circular motions. She was louder every time I gave an inward stroke as I was getting fierce by the time.

I put an end to her moans by locking lips with her and was now using her tight pussy for my pleasure now. My body was ramming into her with every stroke. She shouted out, ?I am going to cum? ohhh!! alain lyle porn this feels so good!? She soon came on my dick and I swore as I fought for control. My dick was about to erupt inside her. I waited until the feeling subsided, but I had not pulled out of her. I drilled her again and she came again on my cock with a shout, ?My god! You are good. I am coming again!!! oh yeah!! I AM COMMIIINNNG?, I was buried deep inside her and could not gain enough control and my dick erupted into a hot spout of my seed deep inside her pussy. We kissed until my dick deflated and slid out of her gripping cunt.

She didn?t let me get off her. I looked into her eyes and they had a hint that I would be inside her again. I kissed her lips. She started playing with my dick and I played with her breasts. They were simply erotic mounds of pleasure for me. I got erect in no time and fucked again. We had exhausted ourselves that day, but were satisfied. She was unwilling to leave, but had to go home as it was now late in the evening. Even I was reluctant to let go of her!

But I thought if she gets back home in time, she will get back to me and we can have another time rocking in my cabin. I drove her home. All the way home she was sucking my dick, my hands brushing by her soft breasts as I changed through the gears. It was a nice drive for both of us. Finally we got to her house and she kissed me goodbye.

From then on, whenever I threw a /party/">party, she made it a point to get dolled up proper and be present. We would make out in a quickie session in my library or the bathroom. And whenever she was planning to visit the resort for a gym or swimming session, she informs me beforehand so that I can be personally present in the resort to ?enjoy a drink? with her in my cabin in a leisurely manner. ;-)