Matt and his Cougar

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Matt and his Cougar

The affair between Matt and I was the best thing happening in my life at this moment. Having wild and /hot/hot-sex/">hot sex with a much younger man was the highlight of my life. One day I was home on a Friday evening with nothing to do since my husband was in bed sick with a 102 fever. I made him some soup and gave him night time medicine so he could fall asleep and not wake up till the morning. My /son/">son George was getting himself ready to go out that night, me being curious and wanting to know if he would be with Matt I ask him "where you going tonight son?"...he says "oh just to this new club called "Boom Town" that just opened up with a couple of friends...

I reply with "oh okay that sounds like fun, you be careful sweetie"...he hugs me and kisses me goodbye. Wanting to know if Matt was gonna go, I pick up my phone and text him..."Hey babe are you going to a club with George tonight?"...he responds with "yes mami I am, I wish you could go, I want to see you" ...without even thinking how.. I reply with "well text me when you might be going home, ill meet you somewhere". He replys with "okay I will and don't worry ill be good". I get excited and get dressed in a very sexy outfit, a mini skirt with no panties on and a blouse that's very opened with cleavage. At about 11:30 pm or so Matt texts me with "I can't wait any longer to see you, can u come to the club but park out back?"....I ask "is it safe?"...he says "yes its a dark alley way next to an old Market that has been closed for a while" ..

I reply with "ok but is George gonna know your leaving?" ...he simply says "ill make something up, just get over here". I get in my car and drive to the club, once I get there I see the club with a long line of people waiting to get in. I make my way towards the abandoned Market and see the dark alley that Matt referred to. I message him saying "I'm here in the dark alley"...he responds with "ok ill be there in a bit". I start fixing myself, opening up my blouse so he could see my cleavage, put some red lipstick on since Matt loved me with red lipstick and waited on him. I see him approaching my car and I get nervous and happy that his there. He opens the passenger car door and gets in my car. He says "I just couldn't wait to see you and had to have u drive here"...he pulls me near him and kisses me in the lips. I ask "so where do we go?"...he says "I can't leave yet, I brought some cousins with me and I'm sort of responsible of taking them home tonight" ....I said "I'm confused"...he says "mami I wanted to see you so I made you come to me since I can't go to you?"....he reaches over and grabs my tits and says "let's fuck here in the car".

Seeing that Matt wasn't that tall, he stood about 5'7 and I was much taller at 5'11 and with heels on I towered above 6 /feet/">feet. I said "I'm to tall to have sex in the car"...he unzips his pants and pulls his cock out, grabs my hand and places it on his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock....I start to stroke it and can't fight it much longer so I simply say "oh alright fuck it" ..I lean towards his cock and begin to suck on it...he says "I see you put red lipstick on.../good/good-girl/">good girl, now smear it all over my cock" ...he grabbed my hair and made a tail and made my head bop up and down on his cock as he opened up my blouse with his other hand and made my tits pop out. He squeezes my tits and bounces my head on his cock and then says "ahhhh yes, yes...suck it mami"....I ask "you like that /papi/">papi?, you like fucking your /friend/friends-mom/">friends mom's face?"....he says "oh yeah" and pushes my head all the way down so I deepthroat him and holds my head down for about 5 seconds.

I gasp because I can't breathe and does it again about 3 more times and says "I love that you can take the whole dick"...while I suck his cock his cell phone rings...he picks it up and says "hello, yeah yeah I'm nearby..." I don't stop sucking his cock while he speaks on the phone....he ends the conversation and tells me "that was your son, he's looking for me...we have to hurry up"....I said nothing and got on top of him to ride him in the passenger seat....I feel his dick slide into /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy so I let out a moan "ahh wow papi" ....he says "you love that dick don't you?"...I said "I do, I do /cock/love-cock/love-that-cock/">love that cock" I start to ride faster and harder on his dick....I tell him "get it daddy, get it"....he squeezes my tits and continues to /fucking/good-fuck/fuck-me-good/">fuck me good in my car. He makes me cumm so hard thay I fall dead weight on him as he continues to ram his cock up my pussy.

He makes me scream...."Aaaah papi you know you made me cumm right?"....he made me stood up straight so he could suck on my tits while he fucked me. He starting panting and breathing hard and made the whole car shake as he cums inside my pussy and make his toes curl with pleasure. "Aaaaghhh!" He screamed. He was sweating and tried milf porn videos to catch his breath...."Damn mami, I fucking love your pussy"...I tell hom "not as much as I love your cock"....he kisses me and says "I think I should get back to the club, your son wouldn't like if I just fucked his /mom/">mom and left him stranded at the club"....I blowjob porn videos say "hey babe I can't wait to see you again"....with a cocky grin he said "I know, I can tell you have it /bad/">bad for me". He winks and walks away...