Layla and Dave Part 2

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Layla and Dave Part 2

Groping each other sexually all the way to the hotel had gotten both of us quite worked up. My cock was still stiff in my pants straining for release. I struggled to retrieve the key from my shirt pocket, not an easy task when you are being held as tightly as possible to her heaving chest. We enter my room; my personal items and dirty clothes were strewn all around, as I do not usually expect company in my room.

Layla ripped off her jacket and mine in a flash. She jumped on me wrapping her legs around my waist, her pelvic bone grinding on my belt buckle. Her lips ground into mine, her tongue searching for the back of my throat, we kissed feverishly as I made my way to the bed. I fell forward, flopping onto the bed, landing on top of her. We kissed and explored each other?s bodies with our hands. My hands caressed her chest, finding a bra to be an obstruction. I opened her blouse carefully, but wanting to rip it from her body so I could devour her flesh quicker. Her bra was white and silky as well, but the padded type, concealing her breasts. Reaching behind her, I unclasped the two tiny hooks and swiftly removed it exposing her nearly flat chest. I gazed at her small mounds of flesh and attention was drawn to her quarter sized areolas with the largest nipples I had ever seen, just begging to be sucked, caressed, and tongued.

Layla crossed her arms across her chest and her face flushed in what seemed to be embarrassment of the size of her tits. I gave her a knowing look, gently uncrossed her arms and smiled at her. I leaned to her and whispered in her ear, ?I love /tits/small-tits/">small tits.? Breathing a sigh of relief, she relaxed and wrapped her arms around me, caressing my back as I planted kisses and licks down her neck heading for my prize. I paid special attention to her tiny tits to assure her that I was comfortable with them. The nipples became rock hard at my first kiss to them. I guessed them to be about ? inch in diameter, and ? of an inch long. I moaned to her as I alternated tits that I could cherish them for an eternity.

I sat up on my knees to remove my shirt. My shirt was soaking wet at my waistline, remembering that she had straddled me earlier and the fact that she was not wearing any panties. Removing my shirt and pants in a flash, I dove back onto her and resumed my /foreplay/">foreplay to her tiny body. I could feel her ribcage wit my lips as I moved from her tits down her belly. Planting kisses to her belly, I unzipped her short skirt and slid it from under her tossing it across the room. Without missing a beat, I finally got to taste her /sweet/">sweet xxx sex video download free com juices. My tongue found it?s way to her bony mound and began to work on bringing her to orgasm. She let out a moan as my lips clenched her clit, her hips bucked into me, I sucked harder on her clit, massaging between my sexxxx video ful hd lips. Her moans became louder and turned to low screams. Her pelvis bucked and gyrated and a gush of her musky juice flowed into my mouth. I could not hold it all in my mouth, and the delicious cream spilled down my chin.

She rolled to the side, pushing me onto my back and said, ?my turn.?
She did not waste any time going for my still rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. Her mouth was on it like bees to honey. For as petite as she was, I was surprised that she could take my length down her throat. She gagged a bit as she engulfed 8 of my 10 inches, and I felt her muscles relax, allowing the rest of it in. She began bobbing up and down with great skill and muscle control. I grunted loudly and told her I was going to cum. Bucking my hips wildly, pumping my dick deeper into her throat, I began to shoot what felt like an endless load of sticky jism into her luscious mouth. My orgasm subsided, and my body went limp. She crawled up beside me, planted her hands on my chest, bent down to my face and kissed me deeply, sharing my man juice with me. We kissed, caressing each other for a bit, and drifted off to sleep.

We lay side by side in a heap of spent energy. Our bodies exhausted from the pleasure we had given each other.

To be continued??